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Extremists Threat A Local Christian To Convert To Islam


(NOTE: Name of the victim has been concealed for the sake of his security)

LAHORE: A Christian businessman receiving threats from extremists as they make his life miserable.

LAHORE: Extremists threat a local Christian man
LAHORE: Extremists threat a local Christian man

A Christian man who is resident of a Christian colony in District of Nahla- Lahore has been lately receiving threats by extremists asserting: If you do not convert to Islam, you cannot continue your business. This Christian man is reported to own a shop offering meagre livelihood to him. He reveals that the extremists by force have closed his shop restraining him to approach police, threatening him death or a false complaint to the police otherwise.


The troubled Christian approached a local Christian Human Rights activist for help who in turn guaranteed him all possible legal assistance, as he facilitated the distressed Christian man to file an FIR against the extremists in the nearby police station.

The Human Rights Activist while stating this story to Fides said: At the basis of such acts of violence, which are very common in Pakistani society, there is a discriminatory ideology, because, according to the extremists, Christians should not be allowed to carry out economic or commercial activities, as they belong to the lower castes. They are considered ‘inferior’. So they should only do the most menial jobs.

As reported another Christian man from the same area received similar threats from the extremists. Christian residents of the same colony in Nahla dread that their can be possible threats to other Christians of this area while further Christians become terrified of extremists.

The Human Rights Activist said: This kind of daily pressures and discriminatory ideology is the basis of the constant bleeding of the Christian faithful who, slowly, are leaving Pakistan and are choosing other destinations, such as India or Europe, in the hope of living in peace.