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Faisalabad: A Christian student beaten and locked up for using a washroom


Christians in Pakistan

A Christian student beaten and harassed for using a bathroom which Muslim students use.

In keeping with details, a Christian student namely Sara Bibi, landed into trouble when she used a bathroom which was in use of Muslim students of the school. The incident took place in Samudari, where a Head Mistress of Government Girls Primary School Chack number 228 GB, threatened, tortured and harassed the Christian student when she was found using the washroom.

Zahida Rana, the Head Mistress of the school victimized Sara Bibi for her faith while bullying her. It has been learnt that she locked Sara Bibi in a washroom for three hours as a punishment for using the bathroom of Muslim students.

Local media revealed that the principal tortured the Christian student, beat her and taunted her, “You are Christian an infidel and how you dared to use washroom which Muslim girls use.” As a result, Sara Bibi kept pleading her not to lock her up in the washroom but the head mistress was bent on evil. However, the head mistress kept her for three hours locked in the washroom to punish her. However, the ordeal of the innocent Christian youth ended when the school was over and so she was released from the washroom.

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Taking notice of this incident, President of Pakistan Christian Congress, Dr. Nazir S. Bhatti has strongly condemned the incident and inhuman behaviour of the head mistress towards her Christian student. He said, “Christian cannot eat in Muslim owned restaurant, schools, colleges, office buildings nor they can drink water in same glasses which is worst kind of hate on religion in Pakistan but this new trend of prohibition on use of toilets in schools is inexpressible in words”

Moreover, he urged the government of Punjab to take notice of this incident and conduct a thorough investigation into it. He stated that the provincial government should deal with the head mistress Zahida Rana on strict terms and file charges against her so that similar incidents can be prevented in future.

Moreover, the Central Secretariat of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC issued a press note regarding this incident and aired grave concerns over soaring incidents of “hate crimes against Christians in Pakistan.” PCC called upon the government of Pakistan, to take steps to promote religious tolerance and interfaith harmony so that anti-Christian violence could be curbed in Pakistan.