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Faisalabad: A tapped out Christian arrested from outside a church in Christian Town not released


A poverty-stricken Christian arrested from outside a church in the Christian Town area in Faisalabad, still behind the bars even though Kamran Chughtai arrested along with him has been released. A Christian namely Pervaiz Younus Khokhar, was arrested among few Christians from outside the Christian Life Ministries Church, in the Christian neighborhood.

Christians arrested in Christian Town, Faisalabad

As it has been revealed, that ex-member of Punjab Assembly, Kamran Chughtai and few others were arrested over charges of terrorism after a brawl between Christian youngsters and two policemen. The policemen were deployed at the gate of the Christian Life Ministries Church.

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Kamran Chughtai heard the commotion outside the church and came out of the church to see what was wrong. When he interfered in order to settle the dispute, he and other Christians who were trying to calm down the agitated policemen and Christian youngsters were booked. Pervaiz Khokhar was among those who were arrested by the police over charges of terrorism.

However, Kamran Chughtai was later released by the police, while Pervaiz Younus Khokhar is still behind the bars. Pervez Younus comes from a meager background, his family is apprehensive about his undue detention. Moreover, his family has urged the authorities to take note of his unjustified arrest and that he should be released straightway as he is sole bread winner of the family.