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Faisalabad: Christian protest against the Police running riot in Christian Town episode


Followed by an incident of heinous rampage by the police in Christian Town, Faisalabad; Christians staged a protest. At this occasion they were demanding that the continuous oppression of Christians should be halted. The protest was staged on May 23, Monday, by the local Christians.

Christians arrested from Christian Town Faisalabad

The agitated Christian protesters were chanting slogans demanding immediate release of the Christians arrested from outside a church in Christian Town. They whined that ex-member of Punjab Assembly Kamran Chughtai was among those Christians whom the police hooked. It was disclosed that the police subjected him to torture, and as a result he is now suffering from hyper tension and is under treatment in a local hospital.

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They demanded that the government should take note of this incident that innocent people have been booked over charges of terrorism. Christians insisted that the government should take measures so that such incidents do not happen again.

At the same time, the protesters insisted on the release of Christians who have been arrested by the police from outside the Christian Life Ministries Church in Christian Town. At the same time, they called upon the authorities to take action against the perpetrators of this incident.

In keeping with details, Kamran Chughtai and few other Christians were arrested over fake charges of terrorism after their intervention in a brawl between Christian youngsters and two policemen. The policemen who were deployed at the gate of the Christian Life Ministries Church got engaged in a clash with Christian youngsters.

At that time, prayer service was going on inside the church, Kamran Chughtai who was also attending the service, heard the commotion outside the church and came out of the church to see what was wrong.

Seeing the situation, he tried to interfere and mediate between the two parties in order to settle the dispute. He and few other Christians tried to calm down the agitated policemen and Christian youngsters. Consequently, Kamran Chughtai and others who tried to mediate were booked by the police over fake charges of terrorism. Followed by the commotion, Christians of the area started fleeing as they anticipated another rampage from the police.