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Faisalabad: Christian sisters in deep waters after sexual assault and fallacious theft allegations


Two Pakistani Christian sisters, Sherish and Farzana who have been living in a safe house provided by British Pakistani Christian Association, found themselves in deep waters after fallacious allegations of theft were brought against them by Muslim landlords. The two Christian girls were accused of stealing 35,000 Pakistani Rupees, gold jeweler, and two mobile phones from the landlord’ house where they worked as domestic helpers.

Pakistani Christian sisters raped

The two sisters were sexually assaulted by three men on December 3, 2014; when they had gone out to an open field in order to answer nature’ call. They dirt poor Christians did not had a lavatory at their home, owing to which they had to use fields, for this purpose. Three Muslim men assaulted both of them at the time when they were out in fields, and raped them for about 12 hours. The rapists physically tortured the two Christian girls, urinated on them as they told them that Christian girls deserve such treatment.

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After the horrendous ordeal, the local Muslims hurled harassment at the victims and their family who were rescued by BPCA, who relocated them to another location and provided them a safe house. After resettling at a new location; the two Christian girls started working as domestic workers at a Muslim landlord’ house. After the accusation, the two respondents contacted BPCA for help and were provided cushioning by a BPCA officer.

According to BPCA, landlord was trying to take advantage of the susceptibility of the young Christian girls. Strikingly, the initial allegation claimed a theft of 35,000 Rupees which was later revised to 1 lac (100,000) Pakistani Rupees when the case was reported to local police.

The accusations were proved baseless after the Christian girls’ house was thoroughly searched, and no evidence was found against the two sisters. Nonetheless, their 12-year-old brother was hooked by the police, and remained detained for a few days but later was released after a BPCA officer warned the police to pursue legal course. The case was later dropped due to lack of substantial evidence.

“We were totally innocent but the family were wondering how poor Christian cleaners had a nice home and good phones. They did not know we were supported by the BPCA and their kind donors. We feel like victims all over again, we did not mean to get in trouble when we took on private work – we just wanted to help our elderly father,” Farzana said.