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Faisalabad: Christian teenage girl abducted, captors knock off her father


A Christian teenage girl namely Mehwish was craftily abducted after being lured for a handsomely paid domestic work. The victim resident of Khalid Colony in Faisalabad, was taken away by a Muslim family after that Mehwish never returned home. Her mother Shahnaz (real name is withheld) narrated the horrific ordeal of the family and disclosed that her husband was shot dead by the captors.

Pakistani Christian girls kidnapped by Muslims

According to Shahnaz, about two months ago a Muslim family approached her on 12 March, and told her that they wanted to hire Mehwish for domestic work at an evening party at their house. They assured Shahnaz that they will bring her safely back after the party is over and pay her for her services.

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Nonetheless, the 14-year-old, Christian girl did not return ever since she left with the Muslim family. Mehwish who was the eldest child of the family went missing and consequently, her father Tanveer Tanveer, went to the family’ house in desperation seeking for his daughter, however she was nowhere to be found. The family told him that the girl was out for some work and he cannot meet her.

After several failed attempts, 42-year-old, Tanveer decided to bring the matter to the locals, but of no avail. Eventually he decided to lodge a police compliant. On May 10, he got an FIR registered at the Raza Abad police station, and nominated Umar Daraz, Muhammad Zahid and Mobeen Rehman, in the abduction of his daughter.

Shahnaz revealed that ever since the FIR was registered, the abductors started harassing and intimidating Tanveer to withdraw the police compliant. The down trodden father was reluctant to give up on his daughter and gave a supplementary statement to the police. In a craftily scheme, two of the respondents told Tanveer that they were willing to settle the dispute outside the court only if he would take his complaint back. Tanveer withdrew his complaint in hope of his daughter’s return.

The abductors called him for a meeting, in order to settle the matter. On appointed date, when Tanveer was on his way to meet the abductors, two unknown gunmen shot him dead on Jhang Road, in Thikriwala. An FIR was filed including murder charges against unknown gunmen however no substantial progress has been done. Tanveer who was ostensibly knocked off by the abductors has left wife and three other daughters as survivors.

Shahnaz and her three daughters are living in fear of possible retribution from the abductors. The family is now supported by relatives, but are forced to live in trepidation. “I want my daughter back. I want the perpetrators brought to justice. I have no money to buy food or continue the legal battle. I ask help from God’s people.”

“Several months after my daughter’s kidnapping, police have not done anything because we have no money to defend our rights. We live in a hopeless situation, we need help. I pray that my daughter will continue to place hope and faith in Jesus Christ,” she explained.