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Faisalabad: Christian teenager murdered after heinous sexual abuse


14-year-old Christian boy Zeeshan Masih murdered after heinously being abused, on the other hand the local authorities try to muddle the case scenario. The victim son of Sarfraz Masih resident of Gosh Nagir, Chak no 224 RB, Faisalabad was murdered on August 23, 2016. Police claims, Zeeshan had died due to heart attack whereas, his medical report points out to sexual abuse as cause of death.

Pakistani Christian children sexually abused

The murderer sexually abused Zeeshan, murdered him, later hung his dead body with a tree, on the other hand the local influential landlords and police are trying to mar the real facts of the incident. In a media interview, Deputy Superintendent Police of Sadar Police Station stated that the boy had died of heart attack when he drank soft drink after eating fruit.

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Despite forensic evidence, police has not made significant progress in the case. SHO Farooq Ranja, DSP Saleem Warach had assured that an FIR will be filed after the DNA report is secured. The DNA report is scheduled after one month.

At the same time, local church Christ Assemblies International has assured Sarfraz Masih and family to provide legal assistance in this case. While investigating the case, Pakistan Christian Post’s Bureau Chief Bishop Farhad Bhatti met with the victim’s family and the locals and dig into the underlying facts of the case.

At the same time, Bishop Farhad Bhatti offered condolences with Sarfraz Masih’s family. At the same time, he prayed with the victim’s family. Local Christians urged him to arrange for a school for the Christian children. They said that as there was no school for Christian children, they are left with no other option but to send their children to work in the factories or else Christian children spend their days wandering in the sky.