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Faisalabad: Christians and Muslims unitedly stand against terrorism in Pakistan


Pakistani Christians

Pakistani Christians and Muslims join hands to eradicate the scourge of terrorism from the country.

According to details, a prayer vigil for the victims of the APS terror attack was held few days ago Faisalabad. This prayer vigil was attended by representatives of Christian and Muslim Communities. Along with various civil society organizations, human rights activists and Christian and Muslim religious leaders.

This prayer meeting was organized by the Peace and Human Development Foundation, in association with the Association of Women for Awareness and Motivation (Awam) and few other NGOs. During this prayer vigil, the participants unanimously recommended a formula and a course which would end up in eradication of terrorism from Pakistan. “Defeat extremism and terrorism with education,” they said.

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Apart from offering prayers for the victims and their families, the attendees also urged the Government of Pakistan to employ the National Action Plan in order to stamp out extremism and terrorism from the country. Furthermore, the participants urged upon an inevitable need to create and sustain peace and justice in the society for which purpose they made a commitment to strive for the achievement of this goal.

The participants of this vigil all agreed on the fact that there is an imperative need to build up a tactical plan of action to prop up religious tolerance and pluralism furthermore there is a critical need to introduce a new legislation to defeat sectarianism in the country. They noted, “this will only be possible starting from education,” while the fact remains that in Pakistan; 7.3 million primary age children do not attend school, in violation of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Suneel Malik- Director of the Peace and Human Development Foundation, in a note sent to Fides stated: “We urgently need a decisive action toward the proscribed organizations, a reform of religious seminaries and of the criminal justice system. Moreover, it is necessary to bring together all intelligence agencies under the National Counter terrorism Authority.”

Nazia Sardar- Director of Awam, said, “We must address the root causes and the various facets of hate, starting from education, involving civil society. This is the best antidote to combat extremism, inequality and structural discrimination.”