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Faisalabad: Christians bristle with rage as a man incinerates Holy Bible


A Muslim allegedly set a match to a copy of the Holy Bible, reducing it to ashes completely. The incident exasperated the local Christians who staged a protest against the desecration of the Holy Bible. Seeing the situation getting worse, police contingents were deployed in the area in order to ward off violent clash between the Christians and Muslims.

A Muslim burns Holy Bible in village near Faisalabad

The incident purportedly took place on May 24, Tuesday, in Chandiyan Talawan, in District Faisalabad, Punjab. The local Christians claimed that the alleged perpetrator had profaned the Word of God by setting fire to it. The incident aggravated the Christians who started chanting slogans against the perpetrator demanding due punishment to the guilty party over the blasphemous act.

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Followed by the incident, Pakistani Christians have condemned the act and have demanded the perpetrator be met with due punishment. As the situation becomes deteriorating day by day, we cannot turn a ‘Blind Eye’ to the hastily swelling religious extremism and intolerance in our society.

Sectarian violence and religious extremism has hit the nation as an impulsive menace. Religious minorities, Christians in particular are being overwhelmingly threatened by by the religious extremism and intolerance as the country sits pretty in the thick of bigotry. Pakistan was recently named amongst the worst violators of religious freedom.