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Faisalabad: Christians urge authorities to probe into forced marriage of Christian girl, killing of her father


Christians heap condemnation on the heinous forced conversion of the Christian girl, followed by murder of her father. In this regard Christian held a press conference at the Faisalabad Press Club today July 27, Wednesday. The press conference was headed by Father Simon Khurshid, Director of National Commission for Justice and Peace Faisalabad.

Forced conversions of Christian girls in Pakistan

This press conference was attended by prominent Christians including Lala Robin Daniel, a social activist and many others. While addressing the media, Christians heaped condemnation in the incident calling for an unbiased probe into the kidnapping and murder. They said that all found guilty must be hooked, and brought to justice, so that such incidents are thwarted.

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They demanded that the Christian family which was left in the lurch, following the murder of Tanveer Masih and kidnap of Mehwish eldest child of the family. They said that authorities should also step forward to facilitate the victims’ family in restoration.

On March 12, a Muslim family approached Mehwish’s family asked for her domestic services at a party. The Muslim family assured, Mehwish’s mother of her safe return once the party was over and handsome payment. However, 14-year-old, Christian girl did not return ever since she left with the Muslim family.

Following her missing, Tanveer Masih father of Mehwish approached the Muslim family who took his daughter along and inquired about her. He was told that the girl was sent to some other place for some work, after several days, Tanveer brought the matter to the local council members who failed to help him.

On May 10, Tanveer filed an FIR at the Raza Abad police station, and nominated Umar Daraz, Muhammad Zahid and Mobeen Rehman, involved in the abduction of his daughter. As soon as the FIR was registered the captors started harassing and intimidating Tanveer to withdraw his complaint. Finally they made him agree to a deal when they would return Mehwish if he would take his complaint back.

They deceptively called him to some place, luring him to receive his daughter. However, Tanveer was shot dead by two unknown gunmen while he was on his way to the appointed place for meeting with the captors. Following the murder of Tanveer his wife and three other daughters are fearful potential retribution from the captors.

“I want my daughter back. I want the perpetrators brought to justice. I have no money to buy food or continue the legal battle. I ask help from God’s people,” mother of Mehwish pleaded.