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Faisalabad: Church taking steps to develop inter-religious dialogues


Pakistani priests

Inter-religious dialogues are the need of the hours in order to cope with the growing religious intolerance and extremism was the conclusion drawn from an inter-religious meeting.

In line with details, the diocese of Faisalabad has arranged for an inter-religious meeting. In order to promote harmony and inter religious cooperation, the Diocesan Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue and Ecumenism, in the Faisalabad diocese keeps on organizes activities which develop inter religious relations.

Diocesan Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue and Ecumenism, which is led by Father Nisar Barkat, keeps on arranges meetings with leaders of other religions to prop up a spirit of collaboration, friendship and association among Christians from different denominations, and also among believers of different faiths.

In this regard, Father Nisar Barkat, recently organized a meeting with representatives of other religions. This meeting was organized in Sahiwal, and was attended by various leaders from churches, along with leaders and representatives of Muslims and Sikhs, as well. This meeting was also attended by various members of the civil society.

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At this occasion, all the attendees shared their views about ways to promote inter religious harmony in the society. The attendees unanimously agreed on the fact that there is much of need such actions which are profitable inter-religious relationships, which are aimed at inter religious dialogue and communion between communities of different religions in order to neutralize the fundamentalism and extremist impulses which are now found ever increasingly in the society. The attendees also agreed on the need to educate young people and adults about religious tolerance and mutual respect.

Furthermore, the Diocesan Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue and Ecumenism, planned to organize a women’s basketball tournament as a “peace initiative.” This was aimed to get youngsters involved in interacting with each other. Girls from different schools competed in the women’ basketball tournament; regardless of their religion.

The tournament was organized at the girl’s Sacred Heart Convent School, Faisalabad. Six teams including those from Christian schools, public schools and Islamic schools participated in this tournament. Among the guests of honor, was His Exc. Mgr. Joseph Arshad, Bishop of Faisalabad, who lauded the organizers of the tournament, and encouraged all to pursue the “path of dialogue” which according to him can seem easier said than done; but is the only feasible way to peaceful coexistence.