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Faisalabad: District administration forms a committee to solve Christians’ issues


The district administration has formed a special committee in order to solve the issues of the Christians. This committee comprises of 21 members who have been assigned with the task of sorting out problems of the Christian community. In this regard, a notification was issued by the district administration announcing formation of a special committee; in order to solve Christians’ issues related to every field.

DPO Faisalabad

The Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minorities’ Affairs Kahlil Tahir Sandhu had issued a summary to the concerned authorities in Faisalabad. In this summary, he detailed that the Christian community in Faisalabad is practically facing several problems in getting their problems solved at the district levels. Khalil Tahir Sandhu, had urged for immediate action in this regard seeking prompt reply from the authorities.

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In response to Khalil Tahir’s letter, Deputy Commissioner of Operations Salman Ghani had issued a notification confirming formation of a special committee which will be working to look into the problems of Christians.

This special committee will be headed by ex-MPA and prominent local Christian leader Kamal Chughtai. He will be serving as the co-coordinator of this committee. Other members of this committee include Arshad Pervez, Ijaz Hayyat, Father Khalid Rasheed Asi, Malik Sohail, Younas Masih, Shaukat Masih, Pastor Bashir Khursheed, Pastor Safir Qadir and others. Arshad Pervez has been appointed as the convener of this committee.