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Faisalabad: District Bar Association expresses solidarity with the Christian ex-MPA arrested over terrorism charges


The District Bar Association in Faisalabad has expressed solidarity with Advocate Kamran Chughtai who was arrested from outside a church in Christian Town area of Faisalabad. Police has registered an FIR against Kamran Chughtai including charges if terrorism. He was booked along with few other Christians.

ex-MPA Kamran Chughtai

The District Bar Association also called for a strike in expression of solidarity with the Christian advocate who is facing fake charges of terrorism. For this reason the District Bar Association observed strike on May 23, Monday. In a statement issued from the District Bar Association, the arrest of Kamran Chughtai over fake charges and subsequent torture during police custody was strongly condemned.

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Advocate Kamran Chughtai is a former Member of Punjab Assembly, who has also served as the District Co-coordinator of the of Minorities’ Affairs. Kamran Chughtai and few other Christians were arrested over fake charges of terrorism after they tried to intervene in a brawl between Christian youngsters and two policemen. The policemen who were deployed at the gate of the Christian Life Ministries Church got engaged in a clash with Christian youngsters.

Kamran Chughtai who was inside the church, heard the commotion outside the church and came out of the church to see what was wrong. Assessing the situation, he tried to interfere and mediate between the two parties in order to settle the dispute.

He and few other Christians tried to calm down the agitated policemen and Christian youngsters. Consequently, Kamran Chughtai and others who tried to reconcile the two parties were booked by the police over fake charges of terrorism. Followed by the incident, Christian residents of Christian Town fled as they had been filled with alarm.