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Faisalabad: Sessions court orders filing of an FIR against the perpetrators of the Christian Town feud


A Sessions court judge has directed to register an FIR against the perpetrators of the Christian Town row in Faisalabad. The court decreed for legal action against the police personnel involved in anti-Christians aggression.

ex-MPA Kamran Chughtai

Dozens of lawyers from the Faisalabad District Bar Association, accompanied Kamran Chughtai, and presented the case before the Sessions judge. The judge examined the medical report of Kamran Chughtai, which clearly stated that he was subjected to tearing torture. At this occasion, substantial evidences of undue aggression from the police were presented before the court.

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The court further incriminated the perpetrator police personnel and officials for torturing the ex-Member of Punjab Assembly, Kamran Chaughtai, entering the pastor house of Christian Life Ministries Church premises without due legal permission and violating the sanctity of the church.

In this regard, the court ordered to file and FIR against SHO Waheed Shah and other police personnel who were involved in the row. On May 19, police arrested Kamran Chughtai and few other Christians from outside the Christian Life Ministries church and booked them over fake charges of terrorism.

After arresting them, police subjected them to excruciating torture which led Kamran Chughtai to be hospitalized as he suffered from hypertension as a result of this tragedy. Majority of Christian residents of Christian Town fled from their homes, fearing another raid from the police to hook more Christians over false charges of terrorism. The brawl between two policemen and Christian youth led to arrest of Kamran Chughtai and few other Christians over false charges.