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Faisalabad: Six Christians die in wall collapse at government school


Six Christians die in wall collapse at a village in District Faisalabad. Details of the incident revealed that wall of a recently construct government school collapsed causing deaths of six. The incident took place in Chak 273 G/B Mahlan within the jurisdiction of Thikariwala Police Station. Two people perished on the spot while four injured expired in the hospital.

Government schools in Pakistan

The victims have been identified as 33-year-old Nasir Masih, 40-year-old Saleem Masih, 30-year-old Liaquat Masih, 22-year-old Naeem and two others. The injured were rushed to Allied Hospital in Faisalabad, where they succumbed to their injuries. The deceased were residents of Chak 29 G/B, a village nearby Aminpura Bangla.

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In keeping with details, all of them were hired as laborers to know the old building of the school down. A resident of 273 G/B told that the Christian laborers had knocked down one wall of the old building, however when the debris hit the ground adjacent wall collapsed and fell on the laborers, burying them underneath. He said that wall which collapsed on them was about 18 inches in thickness.

About fifty people took part in rescuing the laborers and were successful in uncovering them from underneath the debris. The deceased hailed from a marginalized section of the society their demise has left their families destitute.

Ensuing the tragic incident, locals complain that none of the local government’s representatives have tried to reach out to the families of the victims. “We belong to sidelined Christian minority that is why our plight is being overlooked,” they complained.

At the same time, they called upon authorities to succor the families specially the widows of the victims. They complained that if this incident would have unfolded in Lahore or its suburbs; media would have covered the entire incident. Local Christians said that they are not seeking financial assistance, however they urged the government to take responsibility of bearing the expenses of their children’s education.