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Faisalabad: Vandals attack Palm Sunday procession, congregants seek protection


Congregants of a church in Faisalabad staged a protest in front of the Faisalabad Press Club over attack by vandals. On April 9, when the congregants were gearing up to celebrate Palm Sunday, a group of vandals launched an attack on the church and prevented the Christians from conduction the Palm Sunday procession.

attack on churches in Faisalabad

Pastor Shahid Masih, in charge of the Christ Assemblies Church International has urged the authorities to take action against the perpetrators. In an application to the concerned police authorities, Pastor Shahid maintained that around 7 pm a group of vandals arrived at the church just when the congregants were getting ready to hold the procession. “He started yelling and calling names, when we tried to stop him he threatened us of dire consequences.”

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Pastor Shahid maintained that one of the assailants Anwar Sahotra started beating the congregants saying, he is influential man he can do anything to them. Anwar Sahotra purportedly threatened the congregants not to hold the Palm Sunday procession.

Pastor Shahid claims that Anwar Sahotra is involved in various other illegal activities as well. He detailed that although he informed the police but they arrived at least two hours later. He complained that he had already requested the concerned police station to provide security to the church but no measures were taken by the police authorities.

He said that the congregants are harassed while the locals have also witnessed the incident. They intervened and thus the dispute got settled. “If police had provided security to the congregants this incident had never have took place,” Pastor Shahid stated.

He urged the police to take anticipatory measures so that such incidents can be prevented in future and the congregants are able to perform church rituals without fear. He expressed fear that Anwar Sahotra and his accomplice can launch another attack at the church. “I therefore request you to register an FIR against the said assailant, and bring him to justice so that the congregants may feel secure,” he beseeched the police.