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Faisalabad: Violent clash erupts between Christians and Muslims, few injured


Violent clash erupted between Christians and Muslims in Faisalabad’s neighborhood. In keeping with details, few people were injured as a result of this clash. The incident occurred on Friday, February 23, 2018 when miscreants painted a wall in front of a church in Illahi Abad area of Faisalabad.

Christians in Faisalabad

Details emerged that, the group arrived and started painting the wall, afterwards wrote an Islamic slogan on it. Seeing the malevolent act, local Christians flew off the handle, engaging local Muslims in a brawl. The brawl soon turned into a clash which left few injured.

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However, the situation was brought under control by timely intervention of local police. The clash left local Christians are fearful of further act of vengeance. Christian residents of Illahi Abad have urged the Chief Minister of Punjab to take notice of the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice.