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Falling tree kills 13 Christians in Portugal


The tragedy occurred amid a two-day Christian festival called the Festa da Senhora do Monte which brings in thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Falling tree kills 12 at Christians in Portugal

As indicated by the sources at-least 13 individuals are reported to have been killed by a falling tree in the midst of that religious festival. Around Fifty-two individuals were harmed in the tragedy- including a baby in a pram next to their mum.

As per the report, the 200-year-old oak tree had crashing down on the crowd outside a church on the hills of the village of Monte come, overlooking the Portuguese island’s capital of Funchal, at about midday.

Experts had allegedly been cautioned three years prior that the tree was delicate and pose a risk, and it had obviously been tied up in an offered to prevent it from falling.

Witnesses described scenes of panic as bystanders tried to rescue the victims and provide first aid before emergency services arrived.