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Famed Pakistani Christian journalist Sara Alfred denounces violence agaisnt Rohingya


Prominent Pakistani Christian journalist Sara Alfred in a video message to CIP has sternly denounced violence in Rohingya. Famed journalist urged the international community to take effectual action in order to prevent further violence and save lives.

Rohingya Muslims

She said: “In the Name of Jesus felicitations to you all … talking about Burma now known as Myanmar. It is hard to put in words, the persecution directed at Muslims in Myanmar, our hearts cry at the atrocities being committed against them. “

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“Entire Christian community stands in solidarity with the sufferers, and we strongly condemn these acts. At the same time, we urge the international community and NGOs to take speedy action so that this crisis may be brought to an end. “

Still and all, Sara A. addressed the social media users commending their concerns about this topical issue. “You must raise your voice, and you should,” she said adding, “there are heart wrenching and graphic photos and videos of the crisis … please refrain from sharing or posting them on social media.” She advised her followers to refrain from uploading such content; terming it against media ethics.

In the end, she offered a prayer for the victims saying: “We call upon our Heavenly Father to bring this dire situation under control so that the atrocities are brought to an end. Especially that peace may prevail in the entire world. Amen.”

Watch Sara Alfred’s message here: