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Family Of A Christian Girl Forced Into Marriage With A Muslim Aided


ISLAMABAD: The family of a Christian girl abducted and forced into marriage with a Muslim wither away as they undergo constant torment.

Family of abducted Christian girl
Family of abducted Christian girl

The International Christian Concern reached out to the affected Christian family consoling them whilst providing sustenance. Their daughter is reportedly abducted and forcibly married to a Muslim man; rendering this Christian family helpless. In their note the International Christian Concern state: 


Please pray for this suffering family in Pakistan. Recently, their daughter was abducted, forcefully married to a Muslim man and forcefully converted to Islam. The family is too afraid to leave the home for fear of what could happen next. During an emotional visit, International Christian Concern’s representatives listened to their story, prayed for them, and gave them assistance by providing food aid.

Please pray for their safety and comfort during this time.


Cumulative reports, of gender based violence against Christian females normally, do not exist. At the same time, tracing and meeting enough victims to prepare sizable case studies is overwhelming, if not impossible. To a certain extent, referring to possibly uncertain statistics from various small organizations, let us review cases of general gender abuse in four particular Muslim countries: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt.


These states are critically and closely observed than most others, and a number of human rights organizations, along with government agencies such as the US Department of State, are keenly monitoring them. The facts thus provided by these groups are reliable. Intermittently, some of the cases are even covered by the international media.


Meanwhile, mushrooming Christian persecution in general is reasonably well documented internationally by watchdog groups, whilst statistical information from trustworthy organizations such as Open Doors, International Christian Concern and various Catholic outreaches can be accessed online. Since Christians, are regarded as objectionable minorities in these countries, therefore subjected to acute discrimination, oppression and violence. Traditionally women in these countries are treated as second class citizens however; Christian females are in even severe crisis than Muslims, as they are the weakest members of an “infidel,” outcast population.