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Family of Pastor Saeed Abedini write letters to Iranian President insisting for Pastor’s release


Saeed Abedini's children write to the Iranian president

Family of Pastor Saeed Abedini write letters to the President of Iran; hoping for release of the imprisoned Christian.

According to media reports, Naghmeh, wife of imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini wrote that Saeed harboured nothing but immense love and respect for Iran, which obviously apparent from the fact that prior to his imprisonment, he was actively committed to opening an orphanage there for young street children.

“When Saeed returned to Iran in 2012, as he had done so many times, it was to put in place the final board member, a devoted Shia Muslim from Qom. Though we have lived in the United States with our children since 2005, we have been committed to serving some of Iran’s most needy.

“Saeed is not a criminal. Saeed is not a threat to Iran or the stability of its government. Saeed is a husband and a father. Saeed is suffering from internal injuries incurred during his time in prison that Iranian doctors have indicated need surgery and hospitalisation, but which he has not yet received,” she asserts.

She further portrayed the extent to which the Christian family was traumatized for the past three years because of Saeed’s imprisonment, what is more it adds to the agony of the family when they hear about the inhumane treatment he has been receiving in Rajaei Shahr prison in Gohardasht, Iran.

Pastor Abedini’s son Jacob writes in his letter: “Dear President of Iran, please help my daddy get out of prison. He has been away for a long time. We are family and family stick together.” He drew stick figures of himself, his parents and sister in the letter. Rebekka, Pastor Abedini’s daughter only drew a huge red heart with the words “Save my daddy” written on the inside.