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Family of the Christian student locked in for using a washroom pressurized not to file an FIR


Pakistani Christians

The family of Christian student who was locked up in a washroom for using a school washroom faces pressure from local not file an FIR against the head mistress.

In line with details, 8-year-old, Christian student Sara Bibi was beaten, harassed, mocked and locked in a washroom for using a washroom in her school. Sara Bibi, studies in grade 3 at Government Girls Primary School Chack number 228 GB, Samundari, Faisalabad District.

Zahida Rana, the Head Mistress of the school victimized Sara Bibi for her faith while bullying her. It has been learnt that she locked Sara Bibi in a washroom for three hours as a punishment for using the bathroom of Muslim students. “You are Christian an infidel and how you dared to use washroom which Muslim girls use,” she said to the Christian girl.

As the incident has come into the notice of masses, a prominent minorities’ rights activist Khalid Shahzad visited the victimized girl Sara Bibi. At this occasion, Professor Anjum James Paul- Director Dorothea centre for special children and various other civil society members also accompanied Khalid Shahzad.

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The visitors questioned the girl to find out the underlying facts of the incident. The team asked the girl to narrate the incident telling that the incident took place on Friday, November 6. She said that she asked her teacher for permission to use the school washroom. After five minutes, she told the team, head mistress locked her up in the same washroom because of being a Christian. Christian students are not allowed to use the washroom which the Muslim students use, she said.

Further more, the visiting team found out that the majority of Christians living in this village are marginalized. They are mostly engaged in farming or are employed as labourers on daily wages. For this reason they are of low standing in the locality.

The fact, that these Christians are illiterate and are under the influence of local clerics. As is the norm, villagers raise their eye brows at the women receiving education. The team found out that majority of teachers in the school are Muslims and are deployed by local political leaders. There is a sense of dislike for Christians among the villagers.

It was discovered by the team that the Muslim teachers of Sara’s school dominated, under the auspices of the local political activist. Bearing religious intolerance in their minds, they abhor people of other religions.

“When our team visited in that village the Christian community was afraid and not willing to register complaint against the teachers who locked this young girl in the wash room for the punishment purpose. Even the local Christian leaders are pressurizing Sara’s parents for a settlement and forgiveness,” the team stated.