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Fatal Hajj stampede kills at least 11 Pakistanis while 316 went missing


Hajj Stampede

At least 11 Pakistani have been killed as a result of massive stampede in Mina during one of the Hajj rituals on Thursday, September 24. The incident has so far claimed more than 700 lives and hundreds were injured.

According to detail, so far deaths of 11 Pakistanis have been confirmed. Death toll of the Pakistani Hajj pilgrims who lost their lives has reached nine. The casualties include children as young as 7-year-old, Samreen hailing from Multan. Samreen went to Saudi Arabia with her mother and sisters to meet her father about two months ago. She was crushed under feet of the pilgrims. Her family told that the dead body of Samreen was taken by the rescue officials to the hospital.

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On the other hand, about 311 Pakistani Hajj pilgrims went missing after the incident, however, subsequently, 76 were found reportedly.In the meantime, one of the Pakistani Hajj pilgrims who died was Murtaza Gilani who happens to be a nephew of former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. Previously, DG Hajj Abu Akif confirmed that at least 311 Pakistani pilgrims went missing, following the Mina stampede.

This incident has been termed as the deadliest incident in Saudi Arabia so far in 2015, at this particular incident more than 700 pilgrims were killed under feet of other pilgrims while more than 850 have been reportedly injured and hundreds are still missing.

At the same time, Saudi authorities are yet to present a breakdown of the nationalities of the 717 who died as a result of the stampede; however, some of the countries are confirming the deaths of their citizens as per their information. In keeping with the official death tolls provided by foreign officials along with the international media state, Iran, 131; Morocco, 87; India, 14; Egypt, 14; Somalia, 8; Senegal, 5; Tanzania, 4; Turkey, 4; Algeria, 3; Kenya, 3; Indonesia, 3; Burundi, 1; and Netherlands, 1.