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FATA’s Christians up in arms over not being invited at Presidential Christmas dinner


Wilson Wazir

Christian in FATA feel snubbed at President’s Christmas dinner.

According to details, Christian in FATA have expressed anger over the fact that they had been shown a cold shoulder as the Presidency did not invite them to annual Christmas dinner.

They have claimed that this for the first time in over a decade that Christians hailing from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) did not attend the annual Christmas dinner at the President House held on Monday, December 21. These Christians though in petite quantity have been protesting against this ignorance. Some of the Christians from FATA have even sent letters to the government officials for ignoring Christians from FATA.

In this regard, Wilson Wazir, one of the first minority Maliks (tribal elders in FATA) said that it was for the first time in more than ten years that the Christians from FATA were ignored and not invited for the official Christmas dinner this year. “It gives the community a feeling of being outcasts. I have attended 12 Christmas dinners over the years but this time we have been left out,” he said.

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“I am uncertain as to why we are being alienated without any reason” said Wilson Wazir, who has also been awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz, earlier in March this year in recognition of his services for religious minorities.

Moreover, two other Christian leaders from FATA’s Christian community complained about not being invited by the President to the event. Moreover, they revealed that when they asked the authorities about the reason they were told that they had not been given security clearance.

An official from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony while speaking in this regard said that the security clearance of FATA’s Christians had not been received from the concerned departments. “We could not send them invitations without official approbation,” the official said.