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A Retired School Headmaster Seeking Justice For His Son; Allegedly Killed By The Police


SHEKHUPURA: 60 years old father of a Christian boy allegedly tortured to death by the police while in their custody pleads for justice.


Riaz Masih seeks justice
Riaz Masih seeks justice

According to details, Adnan Masih 20 years old Christian was resident of Sharakpur Sharif District Shekhupura was allegedly killed by Punjab police while in their custody factually without any substantial evidence against him. Police registered an FIR bearing no:332/13.on 10th of June, 2013 naming  seven people from family of Adnan; namely Riaz Masih, Kaniz Bibi his mother, Billo Masih his brother, Nailla his sister, Barkat Masih his uncle, Arshad Soroya his cousin and Zaheer Babar his cousin.





On 30th of May, 2013, in the early hours Nusrat bibi neighbour of Adnan Masih came to his house and met his mother inquiring her about her missing daughter Asma D/o, Tariq Nawab Deen, Nabi Pura Sharakpur Sharif while she accused Adnan to be involved in her missing.


Adnan denied all charges proving false all accusations of his involvement in her disappearance. The same day Adnan was questioned by the constable, about Asma’s disappearance from her husband’s home.

Later on 2nd of June, 2013, Ch. Barkat Masih who is a well reputed Christian of the area,took Adnan Masih and his father to present him at the  police station to prove his blamelessness. S H O requested Adnan’s father for two day investigation by keeping Adnan in police custody, Ch. Barkat and Riaz Masih agreed with him. Seven days latter local MPA visited the police station pressurising the police to prove another allegedly accused innocent.

The following day, when Adnan’s Aunt went to police station see her nephew to her surprise she found Adnan not in senses and unable to walk. He told his aunt that,” all the night 4 to 6 police officers tortured him.” His aunt rushed to his home to inform his father about his condition. Consequently, his father Riaz Masih and his cousin Ashar Masih came to Police station but they were not permitted by the police to meet him; a few hours’ later police announced his death due to suicide attempted.

 Adnan Masih’s death is yet another case of inhuman torture during police custody often to make the accused confess the offence. Riaz Masih, his father is now asking for justice, which seems far from being certain.