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Father Faces Dire Consequences For Defending His Daughters


ISLAMABAD: A Christian father humiliated threatened and beaten for defending his daughters.



Brick factory owners harass Christian girls
Brick factory owners harass Christian girls

Rafique Masih, a 50 years old, Christian man father of seven children was maltreated by nephews of proprietor of a brick factory.  He was offended, threatened, beaten, humiliated and subjugated; by some men, who own a brick factory. The aggressors desired to penalize Rafique Masih, for daring to shield his daughters. In line with the details, his daughters were being harassed constantly by nephews of the proprietor. The intimidators namely Muhammad Umair and Muhammad Zubair constantly taunted Rafique Maish’s daughters.




Rafique Masih says, “This inhuman act happened because we are poor and we had requested a loan of 70 thousand rupees from the owners of the brick factory. They think that poor Christians do not deserve respect and that therefore they can do whatever they want. I may not be rich, but I will fight for justice and for the respect and the dignity of my family. ”





Rafique is the breadwinner of a family of nine, including his wife, four girls and three boys. After his eldest daughter, Iram, 17 years old, was nevertheless verbally harassed on 10th of July, 2013, Rafique went to exhort the two young men Umair and Zubair not to trouble his daughters to any further extent. In reaction, they began to humiliate him by calling him names, insulting him and his family at the same time forewarned him of horrible consequences.




After the dispute, Rafique returned home, but the same evening Umair and Zubair burst at his door looking to take revenge after the bitter argument earlier that day. Mehboob Masih, 23 years old, one of the sons of Rafique opened the door, refusing to call his father. At that point the two muscled into the house well armed with wooden sticks and bricks and begin to beat the boy and his father; who afterwards came to see what was happening.



The two attackers wounded Rafique’s head while fracturing his arm bone. Subsequnelty, they punched his daughters, humiliating them trying to drag them into the street. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, neighbours intervened and forced them to stop the violence. Eventually, they detained Rafique Masih and his family in their own home, threatening to ruin anyone who would aid Rafique Masih’s family trying to prevent the victims from receiving medical treatment.



Later on 13th of July, 2013, some relatives of Rafique succeeded to liberate the family courtesy to the support and assistance from National Commission of Justice and Peace (NCJP), which subsequently administered medical care and aid. Nonetheless, the felons are still on the loose.



“I may not be rich, but I will fight for justice and for the respect and the dignity of my family,” says Rafique Masih determined to resist and confront the culprits.