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Father of Asia Bibi granted permission to meet her in jail


Asia Bibi gets one chance

Asia Bibi’s father allowed to meet her in prison.

According to details, the Lahore High Court has accepted the request made by Soran Masih, Asia Bibi’s father be able to visit her in prison. TH Lahore High Court accepted Soran Masih’s request on August 24.

Previously, Soran Masih had fuled an application before the Lahore High Court asking permission to see his daughter, Asia Bibi who is currently in prison in Multan.

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According to Fides, a Pakistani Christian lawyer who filed the request of Soran Masih before the Lahore High Court told that, “Soran Masih was confirmed access to the prison by the ministry of the interior of Punjab and the Superintendent of the prison.”

Asia Bibi, is a Christian woman who is convicted of blasphemy and is on death row. She has been in prison since 2009. Asia Bibi is mother of five children. Her appeal case against death sentence is still pending with the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

While Asia Bibi’s husband Ashiq Masih, her family guardian Joseph Nadeem and her children are the only ones who are allowed to visit her with special permission. However, Rehana Bibi, who is sister of Asia Bibi wants to visit her with Soran.