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Father of Christian Rape Victim Demands for Justice and Security


A Father of Christian girl blamed the police for mistreating and mishandling the rape case of his immature daughter and defending the accused. Furthermore, he complained that he was being warned that he would be involved in a blasphemy case if he does not stop pursuing the justice.

Maria Sarfraz, 11 years old, was kidnapped and repeatedly gang raped
Maria Sarfraz, 11 years old, was kidnapped and repeatedly gang raped

Talking to a local newspaper, Sarfraz Andrew, father of a victim, Sheikhupra, told that his daughter, Maria Andrew was kidnapped by unknown people when she was going to school on April 24. He further said that the 14-year-old was recovered from Multan after three days.

He added that his daughter testified in a court that two local people named Safdar and Mehboob had raped her. In addition, he told that the medical checkup also proclaimed that she had been raped during three days.

He said that the accused and a local powerful named Riaz Dogar had threatened him (Andrew) of terrible consequences in case he does not stop following the case. He added that the accused wanted to convert his immature daughter to Islam which is not only against the law of the land but was also against his religious beliefs. He said that the accused were also compelling him into making a patch up.

Moreover, the pursuer appealed to the chief minister and police high-ups to provide protection and justice to his family calling it a most atrocious case of religious discrimination.