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Fazalia Colony Church profanation: Even with open-and-shut case no FIR filed against impudent constable


Christians irked over police’ reluctance to take due legal action against head- constable Amir Abdullah. The named constable stormed into a church, during the Sunday service; disrupted the worshipers and humiliated and bashed the pastor. On June 12, Sunday constable Amir Abdullah sacrilegiously intruded into the Sunday service at United Christian Church at Lahore’ Fazalia Colony.

Police attacks a church in Lahore

“Inspector General of Punjab Police should impart ethical values to his police force,” says peeved Pastor Samuel Khokhar. The worshipers met with a commotion when a local Muslim resident Shabir Shah made a phone call at police helpline and complained that the church administration is violating the law by using loud speakers. Ostensibly, there was no loud speaker installed outside the church, which renders the complaint null and void.

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Followed by fabricated compliant head constable Amir Abdullah and few others burst into the church without legal warrants and started harassing the congregants to stop the prayer service. When Pastor Riaz Rehmat tried to prevent the commotion and ask Amir Abdullah to remain calm, he was repeatedly slapped by the impudent constable in front of the entire congregation.

The tumult caused the church service to be disrupted and the congregants started retaliating however, Pastor Riaz Rehmat asked his congregants to remain peaceful. “Police constable has violated the sanctity of our church and pastor,” whined Pastor Samuel Khokhar. We strongly condemn this act as sacrilege, he said.

What is more, despite the case being clear as crystal no FIR has been registered against the fake complainant Shabir Shah or head constable Amir Abdullah who has clearly violated the law by defiling a worship place’ sacrosanctness and committed an irreverent act. Pastor Samuel Khokhar strongly urged the IG Punjab Police take strict action against the perpetrators and make sure an FIR is registered against Shabir Shah and head constable Amir Abdullah who was suspended shortly after the incident.