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Federal Minister Kamran Michael allegedly accused of defrauding a huge amount of money after church property sale


Murree Church

Federal Minister for ports and Shipping Kamran Michael has been allegedly accused of defraud

According to Pakistan Christian Post, there are accusations against the Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Kamran Michael that he was allegedly involved in deceiving and defrauding about 55 million rupees along with some others namely Shafiq Masih and Aqeel.

The complainant Waqar Ahmed Khan has sought legal help while approaching the Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi Bench, Rawalpindi. Waqar Ahmed Khan approached Rawalpindi Bench through ICA No. 18/2015 as he was seeking directions to file and FIR containing charges of defrauding against Kamran Micheal and others allegedly accused.

The press release issued by Bukhari and Dab Law Associates, contains claims that the accused Federal Minister Kamran Michael and his accomplices Shafiq Masih, Aqeel and others had falsely persuaded the complainant Waqar Ahmed Khan that they were authorized legal representatives of the World Mission and thus sold the Holy Trinity Church in Murree.

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On the basis of these allegations, Waqar Ahmed Khan is seeking to file an FIR against Kamran Michael and others. Moreover, complainant Waqar Ahmed Khan’s defence counsel Syed Khawar Ameer Bukhari has maintained that in 2013, Kamran Michael defrauded the petitioner Waqar Ahmed Khan and embezzled the amount obtained after sale of Church property.

The defence counsel of complainant Waqar Ahmed Khan also claimed that this defrauded deal was carried out by Kamran Michael when he assumed the office of Minister. According to complainant Waqar Ahmed Khan, Kamran Michael claimed that the controversial land sold by them was said to be an extra property of the Church. He further claims that he alleged culprits claimed that the amount of sale would be used for the advancement of Christian community.

The Holy Trinity Church which has come under controversy is situated on the Mall road Murree. Waqar Ahmed Khan also claims that Kamran Michael and others assured him that the decision of selling the land termed “extra” originated from the World Mission office in USA.