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Female Christian Lawyer Aims to Work For Pakistani Believers


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Sehrish (real name with held for security purpose) is a young Pakistani Christian lawyer. She is well aware of the risks she could face first for being a Christian and then for the profession she follows. On the first day of her job her father warned her that she will be considered as a trophy.

Sehrish has seen that her father was right. “They (the Muslim majority in her community) would like to force me to convert to Islam and have me married to one of their brothers or even to themselves,” she says. “As a Christian I have to watch my back all the time.

She says: “Every time I faced discrimination and threats from fellow Muslim students who wanted me to convert or defend my religion, I was able to stand firm. This was not only because of my own personal faith but due to witness and experiences of hundreds of people she has seen getting educated and been inspired from.

She is actively involved in a project with OpenDoors called ALIVE. It is a project through which men and women receive literacy training and biblical formation. ALIVE has inspired Sehrish because she was privileged to attend a Christian school, receive formal education make her way through legal studies.

Sehrish draws on the experiences of members of the ALIVE project and approached them to amend the family law. Family law is something that is not practiced appropriately and Christians in Pakistan face a great deal of difficulty in getting through legal formalities when needed.

“Please pray for me that I am able to seek justice for abused women from Hindu and Christian backgrounds and also to remain safe myself — sometimes I struggle to find the balance,” she explains when asked how believers around the world can be praying for her.