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Female IS Militants Are Deployed At Prisons Where Christian Women Are Held


One of the Christian women who were captured by IS tells the tale of captivity.


An Iraqi Christian woman escaping from IS captivity tells her story
An Iraqi Christian woman escaping from IS captivity tells her story

When Christians fled from Qaraqosh due to advancing IS fighters some of them were caught by the IS militants. These included women and children also. IS militants detained women seperately under the custody of female IS fighters.

Flora Anwar a Christian woman who miraculously escaped IS captivity tells she did not believe she would live to tell the tale. She remained in IS captivity for a day and night. She told she and her children were locked up with 50 other Christian women.

She tells “were dressed in black from top to toe,” with tears in her eyes. They took me and my two children into a room where there stood two women dressed in full black. I felt that one of them was drunk. She didn’t sound Arab. They searched us and took away everything we had. I had hidden $1,000 inside my baby’s diaper and they found it and took it too.

“Every hour they would come and take away one of the women, I don’t know where to,” she said, with deep sighs. She expected worst for herself but to her surprise she tells, “The next day they told me and my children to go. She pleaded to be given back some of the money they had taken from her to buy food for her children, “but it was to no avail.”

“The guards outside brandished chains, and if you insisted they would beat you with it,” she tells about her last minutes in captivity. “The female militants were as brutal as the men. They treated us more mercilessly than the men.”