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FGA Extends Help To The Inundated Areas In And Around Risalpur


RISALPUR: Full Gospel Assemblies of Pakistan FGA Church extends help and support to the affected stricken by floodwaters.  


Monsoon and flood in Pakistan
Monsoon and flood in Pakistan

In line with details, FGA has been actively responded to the dilemma of people of Risaplur; approximately 40 minutes away from Peshawar. The populace in and around Risalpur have been submerged by the floods whereby, enormous areas immerse over 7 ft. under water.


The FGA also arranged for a medical team; as a part of initial relief and aid. This team included one doctor and two nurses who have set up a medical camp in a car garage; administering basic medical aid to people affected with epidemics such as scabies, chest infections, eye infections, and diarrhoea.  Thus far, the medical team of FGA has administered to 201 patients since a week.


FGA further narrate that,” Within a week a lot of the immediate infections and sicknesses such diarrhoea were cured but that the emotional shock and deep psychological scars and depression effecting most of the victims is enormous.”

Mentioning the one of the case scenarios of the distressed in the area, FGA stated, “Parveen, an older woman of 50 lived in a Christian colony on the Kabul River before the flood destroyed her home.  When her house was covered in water she has to rescue her paralyzed husband from drowning all by herself.  As a result she has become a heart patient with breathing problems.  As is common Parveen has no savings and is forced to continue her job as a sweeper at age 50, now homeless, a heart patient, and the only caretaker for her paralyzed husband.  She desperately needs help and came to FGA’s relief camp to get assistance.  Moved by her story FGA Pakistan has taken up her case and will continue to try and provide aid to Parveen.”

FGA Pakistan is steadfast and unwavering in offering instantaneous medical aid to the victims of this calamity in the Risalpur area. FGA has been actively engaging in community service in the past regardless of religion and creed, providing aid to fellow Pakistanis in difficult times.