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FIA Investigation Team Arrives In Peshawar


PESHAWAR: FIA team arrives in Peshawar to investigate the deadliest attack on Christian community in the history of Pakistan.

FIA team arrives in Peshawar
FIA team arrives in Peshawar

In line with recent reports, a Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) team has arrived in Peshawar to start off investigations into the twin suicide blasts at the All Saints Church that killed more than 80 leaving more than 150 injured. The FIA investigation team will be collecting evidence from the blast site and examine the targeted building and the surroundings.


On the other hand, Additional AIG (Special Branch) and Head of the Bomb Disposal Squad Shafqat Malik had earlier stated that, ”Each of the bombers carried at least six kilogrammes of high explosives in his suicide vest. Ball bearings were also used in the devices to maximise casualties.”


“We found the skull of one bomber soon after the explosions, while the second head was found on the rooftop of the Church,” AIG added.


According to the initial report by the police, “Two attackers struck at the end of Sunday Mass at All Saints Church in Peshawar on 22nd of September, 2013.The bombers entered the church through the main gate. A 9mm pistol was found at the site which authenticates some witnesses’ account that,” the attackers fired gunshots and lobbed a hand grenade to engage the police guards at the Church.”


However, the death toll has now climbed to 83 as a result of the deadly blasts.  The enraged Christians turned out in large numbers in several parts of the country protesting at some instances to turning violent.


The LRH administration and Government officials have thus verified that 78 parishioners, among them 34 women and seven children, were killed. While the KP Government announced compensation of 500,000 Rupees to the families of the victims of the suicide bombings.