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First Time Ever Christmas will be Celebrated at KPK Assembly


Christmas celebrations will be held for the first time in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assembly to express unity with the Christian community.

First Time Ever Christmas will be Celebrated at KPK Assembly

KPK assembly speaker Asad Qaisar and Deputy Speaker Dr. Mehr Taj Rooghani announced the first move by PTI members. While addressing a Christmas cake cutting ceremony held on Monday 11December, they said that the KPK Assembly is adding a new chapter in its glorious tradition by celebrating the Christmas within the zone of the assembly building.

Minority leader of PTI Javed Piyara, Bishop Arnest Jackob, Bishop Joseph, Bishop Shahzad Murad and Bishop Hashmat, representatives of Hindu and Sikh communities were present on this occasion.

He said Christmas celebrations will be held within the provincial assembly building.“We want to assure our Christian community that they are as much a part of the province as any Muslim and we are together in our sorrows and grief,” he said. Moreover, he said that Islam teaches brotherhood and promotion of peace and harmony and the same were the teachings of Hazrat Essa (AS).

The peace was prevailing in the province that had been hit worst by years of militancy. He said rights of all the minorities in the province including Sikhs and Hindus would be protected and they would be treated like any other Muslim citizen of the province.