TV personality and a host Waqar Zaka reported a blasphemy charges against three men have been dropped and FIR has been cancelled against the accused. The video in a social networking site claim some things which is oppose with the actually truth of the case according to him by the video. He also take Shaan Taseer with heavy hands to deny his version on the case. According to the video sowed, he got the chance to accumulated the local journalists in the Police Station, Dunga Bunga where three accused are additionally present and he is focusing on the main offence mention 295-C PPC and furthermore focusing on Shaan Taseer and his organization in a negative way. But he didn’t reveal the truth about the incident and how and why the blasphemy charges have been dropped.

First time in History of Pakistan Court has declined Charges of blasphemy under section 295-B PPC

Details of the case:

As the content sowed FIR No.341/17 registered on 28-09-2017 under sections 435,295-B,201 and 109 PPC( Pakistan Penal Code) at Police Station Dunga Bunga, Bahawalnagar and the time of occurrence of incident is mentioned 04:15 PM and time of reporting is mentioned 04:40 PM .
The complainant is affirm through Sub Inspector Pervaiz Iqbal, declared that he was on duty in the procession of Muharam Alharam and Shamshad Hussain, a journalist, called on his mobile phone number and informed that Vishal Tariq and Bhola Ram had burned the Government records, which was kept in Government residential Quarters at Civil hospital Dunga Bunga, at about 10/11 PM on 27-09-2017 and some Quranic material has also been burned-out and when the complainant along with other police officials reached the place where the accident occur, there were a number of media persons and some other persons were present who liberate when Bhola Ram and Vishal had burned some old rough government records in which some material related to Quranic verses was also burned. Some Quranic verses material burned and some unburned was handed over to the head clerk of the Hospital Dunga Bunga namely Ajmal by the accused.

The same incident was given into the notice of Dr. Kashif Nazir and he sent a written complaint to Police Station and got registered a case FIR No.340/2017, under section 435 PPC and he deliberately hid the issue of burning material of Quranic verses.

The fact of commission of the offence of burning material of Quranic verses: Both the FIR and Video proved that the offence of raising blasphemy charges under section 295-B PPC has been committed and in the video statement of Bhola Ram shows the offence of burning material of Quranic verses was committed by the accused.


Legal and social Facts of the content shows the incident was happened of burning Official records of Hospital on 27-09-2017 at 10/11 PM and FIR No.340/17 was registered under section 435 PPC without disclosing the fact that any Quranic verses material was burned in the written application of Doctor Kashif Nazir.

The second FIR No.341/17 was listed under sections 435,295-B,201 and 109 PPC, when the police was aware by a local journalist that the material of Quranic verses was burned at the time of burning government old records of Hospital on second day. In this way the case was further inquiry as well as came under the provision of Double Jeopardy which automatically showed the bad intention of the complainant and the case was false and bogus against the accused and registered on the instigation of local journalist.

Charges of blasphemy has been dropping down under section 295-B PPC is that the FIR No.341/17, the crime of abetment under section 109 is invoked to investigate who have given the old government records for destroying to the sweepers for burning and the offence under section 201 of is giving false information to screen offender, is committed by Doctor Kashif Nazir.

As a result of this a large number of influential Muslim persons including Doctor will face the same charges of the offences which made possible the blasphemy charges against three men to be dropped and the three accused included two Christians namely Vishal Tariq, Adil Saleem Masih and a Hindu Bhola Ram were reportedly released and set free.