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Five years have passed Pakistan government has failed to hook Shahbaz Bhatti’ assassins says US Senator


An American Senator Marco Rubio has slammed Pakistan government while saying that it’s been too long and the assassin of Shahbaz Bhatti have not been brought to justice. He also pointed finger at the country’ blasphemy laws. He said that in the thick of blasphemy laws, extremism and violence continues to thrive.

Assassination of Pakistani Christian leader Shahbaz Bhatti

The US Senator said that the religious minorities are marginalized as the blasphemy legislations boost anti-minorities violence. While speaking on the house of the US Senate, Senator Marco Rubio said, “In Pakistan, we have seen proponents of religious freedom murdered for criticizing blasphemy laws.”

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At this occasion, he referred to the assassination of the Pakistani Christian leader Shahbaz Bhatti. Shahbaz Bhatti was murdered in 2011; for advocating repealing of blasphemy laws and raising voice in support of Christians victimized by misuse of the this legislation.

He was a serving Federal Minister of Minorities’ Affairs, and the first Christian leader to be a part of the Cabinet. “Five years have passed. The Pakistani government has failed to bring his murderers to justice and have failed to reform the blasphemy law that continues to encourage violence, murder with impunity, and the marginalization of religious minorities,” Rubio said. “As a result,” he asserted, “ numerous other prisoners of conscience in Pakistan suffer behind bars.”

Shahbaz Bhatti the then Federal Minister was shot dead by Taliban on March 2, 2011 in Islamabad outside his mother’ house. He was appointed as the Federal Minister for Minorities’ Affairs on 2 November 2008 and served till death.