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Flaccid defense of the Pakistani Christians ends up in escalated persecution says Advocate Sardar Mushtaq


Pakistani Christian lawyer, Sardar Mushtaq Gill has said that the reason why persecution of Christians in constantly on the higher side, is because country’ Christians do not have an enduring guard. “Weak defense is the main reason of getting worse Christian Persecution in Pakistan,” he said as he has spent years in providing legal assistance to Christians facing persecution in Pakistan.

Anti-Christians attacks in Punjab

Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill who heads a Christian advocacy group Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD), has been actively providing legal assistance to Christians who have been facing persecution in various forms. He said that based on his experience, the root cause of growing persecution of Christians in Pakistan is their vulnerability as they do not have a strong defense against the persecutors.

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He said that despite extensive funds from the international Christian organizations and Churches who have spent millions of dollars on cases, the incidents of Christian persecution are taking place. The Blasphemy laws, he mentioned have been an instrument which is used majority of times to tarnish the religious freedom of Pakistani Christians. He said that the current alarming phenomenon of forced conversions of Christian girls and women to Islam after forced marriages is increasing strikingly. A string defense system, he said could help these victim in true sense.

He said that the case of Asia Bibi is a plain example of weak defense system of the victim. He said that Asia Bibi’ case was not properly handled at initial stages, which resulted dismissal of her appeal from Lahore High Court, and her plight continued.

He said that these factors are contributing to immigration of Pakistani Christian community as they are leaving the country to evade religious violence; seeking save heaven for their children elsewhere in the world. He said, that Christian leaders are already warning that this exodus might at some time in future may result in extinction of Christians in Pakistan as is being witnessed in other Islamic countries.