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Fleeing from religious persecution in Pakistan only to find death in Thailand


Pakistani Christians

A Pakistani Christian asylum seeker who passed away in Thailand died largely owing to the negligence of the UNHCR towards Pakistani Christian asylum seekers.

According to details, 30-year old, Pakistani Christian woman namely Sanina Faisal Masih passed away in a detention centre because of lack of medical treatment despite her poor health. Sanina was a Karachi-based Pakistani citizen who had fled religious persecution only to find death in Thailand.

As soon as the news of her tragic death during detention spread, Pakistani Christians strongly condemned the treatment Pakistani Christians are receiving in Thailand. In this regard, Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) received a report from a source in Thailand about her demise.

R.E.A.L reports their source saying, “I want to share the sad demise of Sanina, wife of Faisal Masih; mother of two years old son, who was kept in IDC, Bangkok, Thailand. She was arrested by Thai police on December 20, 2015. No one knows the reason of her death.

Her husband was told over phone by UNHCR, Bangkok, to control his emotions and get ready to hear sad news. Earlier Sanina gave birth to a premature girl, who could not survive. Just consider, the condition of the father, who has just a two years old son, and no one around to support him at this hour of need.”

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R.E.A.L further quotes another source saying, “She was sick in Immigration Detention Center (IDC) on 24 December 2015. UNHCR had delayed two times her interview already. Nobody knew about her sickness except UNHCR AND IDC.”

What is more, R.E.AL received a report from another source: “As you remember that Immigration police raids and arrest men, women, children, young and old. They have no mercy for anyone and the conditions in Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) cannot be explained.

The worse part of IDC is that there’s no proper standard of living. People live a miserable life there; they don’t get any proper food or medical help for critically sick people, nor is enough space there even to sleep. Men and women are kept separately and children have no access to their parents, no matter how old they are. They are kept in separate cells.

There are many heart breaking stories where the family members had become critically sick and the other family members couldn’t do much to save their family members. UNHCR is not supporting for medical assistance. I don’t have enough words to express the miseries of Pakistani Christians facing persecution on the hands of human rights protectors UNHCR office, Thailand. There is no one to raise voice against such brutality and inhuman behaviour against Pakistani Christians in Bangkok, Thailand.”