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Foiled attack planned for Easter ‘limited relief’ for Pakistani Christians: FMI


Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI) has raised serious concerns about the security of Christians in Pakistan saying that the foiled attack on Christians is just a limited relief. FMI stated that much still needs to be done in order to ensure security of Christians. “The good news is that security forces foiled this major terrorist attack on Saturday, hours before Easter celebration,” stated Bruce Allen from FMI.

Churches attacked in Pakistan

Previously, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) had stated: “Security forces conducted a special IBO near Punjab Housing Society, Lahore. A terrorist was killed during the operation while four soldiers and two officers received injuries.”

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It was also revealed that the security forces had seized suicide jackets and explosives from the detained terrorists. It was further stated a female suspect was also taken into custody. Ali Tariq and his wife Naureen Laghari, had planned for a suicide bombing on the occasion of Easter. During the raid by the security forces, Ali Tariq was shot dead while Naureen was captured.

During interrogation, Naureen Laghari admitted to her crime, saying that she and her husband had planned to target Christians on the occasion of Easter. She revealed that terror group Islamic State had provided her and her husband with two suicide jackets along with four grenades and bullets in order to carry out the attack.

FMI stated that thankfully major tragedy was prevented, “as what could have been a day of mourning and heartbreak was prevented.” Still the successful raid does not suggest that Christians are safe in the country. “Easter is, we’ll say, a pivotal time or strategic time for militants planning attacks because they know Christians are out and about. They’re gathered in large numbers and in churches. So apparently there was going to be another attack this Easter,” FMI’s Bruce Allen stated.

Remarking about the scenario, he said: “They know that terrorism inside the country is a major issue. It’s a major issue for Pakistan’s allies. The bomb that the U.S. just dropped on Afghanistan, Pakistan’s neighbor, was just miles from the Pakistan-Afghani border.

They know and understand, along with many of its allies, that you really have to crack down on terrorism. You have it in your backyard, you have it in your front yard. So, the government is trying to do that. More specifically, the military is trying to do that.”

He went on to say that the thwarted terror attack may have caused “Pakistani Christians breathe a sigh of relief, even if that relief is only temporary,” yet the situation needs to be dealt with efficacious efforts so as to thwart future plans of attacks not only on Christians but on any school, hospital, or somewhere similar.