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For Being A Christian, Got Fired From Government Job


Due to the quotas reserved for minorities 39 year old Naveed Maqsood obtained a job as a driver in a government school. The Muslim principle was not happy “because he is a member of minority religion” and never paid him his wages. After he took to case to court, resulted in his job dismissal.

quota for minorities
Govt. job and quota for minorities

Fired from his job for being a Christian, this is what happens in Pakistan, in the city of Gujrat , where Naveed Maqsood has been struggling a legal battle for over a year to put an end to the constant inequity he has suffered by his boss, a Muslim woman, the principal of a government school. The man, aged 39, is the father of three young children and was employed as a driver.


Incident starts on August 16, 2012 when, due to government quotas reserved jobs for minorities, Naveed got job by the Government Special Education Center Sara-e-Alamgeer in Gujrat. The principal of the institute, Nargis Parveen, had a personal bitterness for the Christian and from December 2012 till September 2013 illegally blocked payment of his salary.

The man went to her and asked to let him do his job on a regular basis, but the principal explained that the place assigned to him was “intended” for an associate of hers and that she “did not like him because he is a member of a minor community”. Failing to resolve the argument, Naveed applied and was arranged to transfer Faisalabad, where he started working for the National Special Education Center. In the meantime, the government ordered he be paid the wages he was due, but Nargis Parveen not at all put him on the payroll.


The National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) brought a case before a Lahore court on Naveed Maqsood’s side. The court sent two sub-peons to the principal, but she never came out in front of the judges. In January 2014 Naveed was called to testify in the presence of school authorities and the result was his firing.

Bunny Edward, lawyer and coordinator of the NCJP legal aid program says, “Pakistan is rapidly becoming an intolerant nation. In Naveed Maqsood’s case, we filed an appeal at the High Court of Lahore, so he may regain his place of employment and the wages owed him”.