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For the first time in Pakistan’s history a Christian appointed as Advocate General


For the very first time, in the history of Pakistan, Christian got appointed as Advocate General. Sindh government took this hailed step and appointed Advocate Salman Talibuddin who was serving as an additional attorney general.Advocate General has the responsibility to give advice to the Administrative Departments in the legal matters.

Christians working in Pakistan government

In this regard, an official notification was issued on Thursday, September 13 stating that Salman Talibuddin
Advocate was appointed as Advocate General Sindh with immediate effect. He replaced Zameer Ghumro, who resigned in reaction to the remarks by Chief Justice.

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Former Sindh Advocate-General Barrister Zamir Hussain Ghumro resigned when the Sindh government finished its tenure. In this regard the Chief Justice of Pakistan remarked about AG saying: “The Sindh government has finished its tenure, but you are still working on the same post.”

This decision has received warm welcome from politicians as well as general public. In a tweet PPP leader Sherry Rehman acknowledged the step taken by her party and said that PPP was empowering the minorities as in line with Quaid-e-Azam’s vision.