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For the sake of removing the cross, ISIS bombs a 10th century Christian monastery in Mosul



ISIS militants blow up an ancient Christian monastery, damaging its façade.

In keeping with details, the ISIS extremists had severely damaged an ancient monastery of St. George, which is also known as the Mar Gorgis. This Monastery is in Mosul which is the second largest city of Iraq.

It has been reported that the ancient building has suffered a considerable damage. Reports have that the façade of this 10th century building was blown for he sake of removing the cross, which is the symbol of Christianity. As has been observed, that the terror group has been repeatedly, targeting the crosses. Buildings are being destroyed only to remove crosses.

Archimandrite Emanuel Youkhana -member of the Assyrian Church of the East told Aleteia news agency “ISIS destroyed the front wall of St. George monastery to remove the big built-in cross.” Archimandrite Emanuel Youkhana also runs a humanitarian aid in the northern region of Iraq.

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There were reports in previous times that this church was completely destroyed by the attack however, these reports had no factual basis. Previously in December, the terror group had removed crosses which had been standing on the top of the dome and the roof of the monastery.

ISIS has been pressing on its drive to remove crosses, and any symbol which is in any way related to Christianity. Moreover, any structure or symbol indicating slightest of link to Christianity. Moreover, a cemetery which is adjacent to this monastery was also destroyed. Christian soldiers who were killed during the Iraq’s war with Iran were buried in this cemetery

Nonetheless, locals told Fides that this monastery was being used as a detention centre by the terror group ISIS. At least, 150 detainees which included opponents of Sunni faction of Islam were held in this monastery turned into detention centre.

Erica Hunter, who is an expert on Eastern Christianity told the Aleteia news agency that the terror groups displays an obvious tendency of damaging all significant cultural heritage sites in the country.

“ISIS extremists have destroyed mosques, tombs and other medieval sites, as well as the recent destruction of Nimrud, so regrettably I see the medieval churches of Mosul as being ‘on their list’ of cultural destruction, which of course undermines the morale of the local inhabitants,” said Hunter.