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For We are Only Humans – Saman Mehak Poem


“For we are only humans”
for we are only humans,
we cry out with sheer joy,
at petty wonders,
we are awed by the bizarre,
we moan our misfortunes,
or ignore greatest benevolence,
at times cherish a simple breath,
thankful and ungrateful,
forceful yet humble,
we feel like touching the sky,
with feet still on the ground,
or sometimes other way around,
and try to find, the darkest abode,
sometimes looking for faith,
for we got to believe in something,
we stay staunch,
despite the perplexity,
sinning every minute,
still looking for absolution,
fake comfort in midst of disaster,
or frustrate endlessly over nothing,
we find it hard to let go,
and hold on tight,
we try to walk new paths,
along the way pick up fragments,
to piece together,
and string a life,
see a light where there’s none,
or get blind in the broad day light,
we hear melody in chaos,
discover magic in reality,
we are all looking for something,
rummaging through the time,
stumbling and bracing,
towards the end,
every single moment,
every small act,
for better or for worse,
despite all wrongs and rights,
all guilt and confusions,
every laugh and tear,
every foot fall, every slip,
only makes us more human,
a perfect unbalanced amalgamation!