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Forcefully Grabbed Land Of A Christian Couple Returned To Them


An elderly Christian couple get their house back

An elderly Christian couple facilitated to get the possession of their house back.

According to details, an elderly Christian couple namely Gulzar Masih and his wife Hadayat Bibi were dispossessed of their house by their neighbours. The Christian couple after legal procedure was able to regain their property.

Gulzar Masih and Hadayat Bibi are residents of residents of Chak No. 189 GB Patli, District Toba Tek Singh. The incident occurred about four months ago when their neighbours stormed in their house and forcefully. The intruders tried to demolish their house and were able to grab a large part of the land.

However, Mr. Sadaf Saddique Advocate stepped forward to their help. He took up their case without any fee. The helpless Christian couple was effectively helped by Mr. Saddique. The couple met him in the court after which he guided them. A case was filed in the police station and subsequently, Mr. Saddique was able to get justice for the old Christian couple.

At one point, all the villagers were intimidated when the Christian couple filed a lawsuit against the culprits. Moreover, in their pursuit of justice Gulzar Masih and his wife even seeked helped from the Chief Minister of Punjab. They staged a protest and sat at the door of their house to protest against forceful land grabbing.

Nonetheless, the Chief Ministry did not looked into this matter and issued a letter directing the DCO to investigate the case. The lawsuit filed by Mr. Saddique took a long time, moreover, the court made decision in favour of the Christian couple and ordered the damage done to the house be recompensed.

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Although some portion of their land is still disputed because the couple did not get legal documentation for possession of that piece of land. Gulzar Masih did pay for the disputed land but yet to get the possession of it.

“I trust that it would be difficult to get the land back which is not on their land registration certificate, but it is true that the money was paid for that land portion also,” said Mr. Saddiue. “We will continue to stand upright for the cause and will see that we are able to prove that money was paid and the land was not transferred accordingly,” he affirmed.

“It was lucky that the couple met with me in the courts and we were able to track their case to the right direction filing the case to the police station and the court of law for their illegal dispossession,” he added.