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“Forgotten Christmas”, Hope For The Poor


A tidy sum of cast away, people in South Asia to be remembered this Christians!

Gospel for Asia
“Forgotten Christmas”, a Christian support ministry, sponsored by Gospel for Asia, operates in such scheme that not only the recipient gets benefited but also the donor. The ministry will provide sustenance, to the afflicted, overlooked indigents of South Asia.The ministry is devoted to send 100 percent of all donations to the field, remembering “the least of these” that Lord Jesus charged His disciples to serve – reviving the spirit of Christmas.

“Even as the West is caught up in Black Friday, shopping malls and long lines at cash registers, millions of people are struggling to provide the bare necessities of food, clean water and shelter for their families,” said K. P. Yohannan, founder and president of Gospel for Asia. “Forgotten Christmas is one way to supply the needs of the most impoverished while rediscovering the true joy of Christmas.”

“The priceless gift of Immanuel, God with us, reminds us how to give to those who need it most,” said Yohannan. “Now is the time to remember the persecuted believers, those who have never heard the gospel and those who have newly welcomed it in other parts of the world.”

For supporting needy families, with exclusive gift items; donate online at http://www.forgottenchristmas.org/get-involved
By Madeeha Shakeel