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Four Rapists of Christian Girl Sentenced to Prison for 20 Years


Four Muslim men who attacked a Christian girl are sentenced to 20 years in prison

Pastor Peter visits Sara in hospital
Pastor Peter visits Sara in hospital

A 7-year-old Sara Iqbal, the daughter of a poor Christian family, headed to a corner store a few blocks from her home to buy some chips and chocolate on the day after Palm Sunday in Sailkot. On her way out, a young man seized her and shifted her to a nearby abandoned apartment building. Three other men went in with him.

A neighbor, a Muslim woman, saw the group entering the apartment and again as they left a few hours later—without Sara. She afterwards went over and found the child in an empty room unresponsive, bloody, and with a broken leg. She informed her parents and they took the girl to a hospital. She bled for days, and doctors reported after examining that she had been frequently raped.

Her father, Iqbal Maish, and mother, Shogufa, became terrified of reputation if they reported the incident, but a few days later they permitted their minister, known as Pastor Peter, to ask local police and authorities to inquiry the case.

According to World news report, Local authorities did inspect, very aggressively. Peter told WORLD through his son, Daniel. In fact, Sailkot police caught one of the men, Momammad Fakhar Alam, and then kept beating him until he mentioned the names of his partners, Daniel said. They belonged to wealthy families. Police had all four men in custody within a month and a trial followed on May 26.

In the days leading up to the trial, different people threatened victim’s father on numerous occasions. Daniel and Peter appeared in the trial with the Masih family and on the way into the courtroom, family members of the rapists offered Iqbal money equal to $40,000 to drop the charges, Daniel said.

“I don’t want your money,” Girl’s father told them. “We want justice.” Later that day, the court sentenced each of the men to 20 years in prison.