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FPCA Decry Demolishing An Under Construction Church In Okara


On March 2, 2014 a church under construction was demolished by Islamists in Chak 3/4L, Okara, Pakistan. The Islamists were shouting slogans “No construction of Church in our village”, “No worship places of pagan Christians”.

FPCA Decry Demolishing An Under Construction Church In Okara
FPCA Decry Demolishing An Under Construction Church In Okara

This stretched fear among the Christian families living in the village of Okara. The Islamists also used the tractor to pull down boards that held sacred Biblical verses. When the Christian villagers tried to run from their houses the Islamist trespassers pulled guns at them and wounded them with sticks. The Christian villagers lodged an FIR with the police under section 298-A PPC against Muhammad Ghulam Ali, Muhammad Khalid, Muhammad Rashid, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Alla Ditta and more.

European president for the Federation of Pakistani Christian Associations in Italy, Pervez Tari said that “My life has been dedicated to raise the cause of the minorities in Pakistan and every time such crimes take place I am reminded the struggle is not over. We will raise this issue at every platform to see justice is done and the culprits are brought to justice,” He also called upon the Pak Federation Italy which includes 75 Pakistani Muslim associations in Italy to decry this dreadful act and hoist their voice along with FPCA to stop such hate crimes from taking place in future as well. Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad president of Pak Federation Italy strongly condemned the incident in Okara and said this was a detestable act which has hurt the inter-religious harmony of Pakistan. He also offered complete support to FPCA.

Pervez also requested that FPCA and Pak Federation Italy take this subject together to the Pakistan Ambassador to Italy, which Chaudhry heartily agreed.

Italian president for FPCA, Adan Farhaj said that “Pakistan is going through a crucial time in which every section of society is being effected and hurt. Such hate crimes only weakens the foundations of unity, and faith the core values our founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah taught. If we being Pakistanis want to restore the damages done to our people and our country we need to wash out hate and extremism. We need to share the message of love and tolerance because at the end of the day no matter what our religion is we are still Pakistanis.” He condemned this crime calling it “hateful” and “cowardly”. And said concrete steps would be taken on behalf of FPCA to ensure protection of interreligious harmony and minorities in Pakistan.