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Franklin Graham Urges Americans to Vote Biblically

Franklin Graham talking to a 7000 people crowd outside the state capitol building in South Carolina. Graham urged Christians to vote Biblically in his ‘Decision America’ rally

Rev. Franklin Graham’s ‘Decision America’ tour reaches South Carolina and is welcomed by at least 7000 people.
Graham is holding prayer rallies across the country. He calls the movement ‘Decision America’. A recent rally was held in South Carolina just outside the state capitol building.

Franklin Graham in his tour is urging Americans to vote Biblically. He told the crowd to “vote for candidates who stand for biblical truth and biblical principles, and are willing to live them.”

On his Facebook page, Franklin Graham said the Lieutenant Governor told them it was the largest crowd they have had in Liberty Plaza .

Decision America
Nearly 7000 people attended the ‘Decision America’ rally by Franklin Graham

He also said, “Prayer is the most important thing we can do for our country–and about 7,000 Georgians came out to stand with us and do just that at the capitol in Atlanta today.”

He urged Christians to pray for America and said, “If Christians get involved and pray, we can make a difference in this nation.”

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The Bible tells us, “The Lord was moved by prayer for the land” (2nd Samuel 24:25), he added on his Facebook page.

America has been facing a lot of religious discrimination for the last few years. Laws and regulations oppressing religious freedom have gained popularity and the country, which was built on Christian principles seems to be losing its Christian heritage. Laws like the ones allowing same-sex marriages and abortion are a proof to that statement.

Many Christian leaders, including Kenneth Copeland, the famous televangelist and Franklin Graham, popular Christian preacher, and Rick Joyner, the prophet have asked the Americans to pray for the country and vote for candidates who support Christian values.