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Free from ISIS captivity: A teenage girl writes a book “Daesh’ Slave” about her sufferings at the ISIS slave markets


Women in ISIS slave markets

Christian and Yazidi women are facing worst possible sexual abuse at the hands of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

A teenager, who somehow managed to escape the clutches of the ISIS, reveals horrible atrocities carried out by ISIS. Terrorist group ISIS is running an international market in Iraq where Christian and Yazidi women are sold as sexual slaves.

The 18-year-old, captive of ISIS who fled from the prison has penned down a book titled “Daesh’s Slave”, about her sufferings at the hands of ISIS jihadists. She was captured by the militants group in 2014 during an advance. After being kidnapped, she was sold to two men after being transferred to various locations.

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“They tortured us, tried to forcefully convert us. If we refused we were beaten, chained outdoors in the sun, forced to drink water with dead mice in it. Sometimes they threatened to torture us with electricity.

These men are not human. They only think of death, killing. They take drugs constantly. They seek vengeance against everyone. They say that one day Islamic State will rule over the whole world.” In her book, she details an instance when she was led into, “a massive reception hall with large columns … dozens of women were gathered there. The fighters circulated among us, laughing raucously, pinching our backsides.”

She writes that she saw Iraqis, Syrians and Westerners also but she could not determine their nationality. “The best-looking girls were reserved for the bosses or wealthy clients from Gulf nations.” This book is written with the help of a French journalist Thierry Oberle. After she managed to escape using a set of stolen keys, she managed to reach home, she and her husband are now living in a refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan.

“If we go back home, there will be other genocides against us. The only solution is that we have a region to ourselves, under international protection,” she said.